Exhibiting at Artpartner.com for #CreateCOP26 from the 25th of October- 12th November 2021.

Abstract Nudes

 "Take risks, experiment, and always stay out of your comfort zone- it will take you places!", Roya Sachs.

JABO has a proclivity towards painting female nudes. Using joyous, vibrant, bold licks of paint to celebrate the female form. This has become somewhat of an obsession for her- the minimalistic curves, lines and 'dancing brush strokes' of expression. 


  • If you'd like to be used as a muse for the first collection, please email jess@artofjabo.com
  • Please contact  jess@artofjabo.com directly to commission a nude, in either watercolour or acrylic- on canvas or a material of your choosing. 


Watercolour studies of the female nude, on standard white printer paper