Exhibiting at Artpartner.com for #CreateCOP26 from the 25th of November- 12th October 2021.




The video portfolio of CALAMITIES-PLASTIC & FAUNA is now available on vimeo.  All materials used in the portfolio are eco-friendly (including the portfolio box).


 * All works were printed onto handmade RAG paper, to ensure critical and conceptual coherence. For a tangible and haptic experience with the body of work, please enquire further.




CALAMITIES- PLASTIC & FAUNA was JABO's  response to the headlines surrounding the severity of the Microplastic problem that we are all currently living. The headline that vehemently took O'Neill's mind - 'Microplastic's have become discoverable in Human Organs'. Throughout the U.K. Lockdown she became relentless with materials and produced a body of work that contains photographs, sculpture and an oral poetic performance. When combined, CALAMITIES-PLASTIC & FAUNA engages with and stimulates emotional response in the viewer by combining a contradiction of jarring, self-portraits and beautiful sea fauna cyanotypes. In order to elicit the disruptive symbiosis between the manmade material, sea fauna and the human - leaning on aesthetic attraction and haptic/ bodily experiences of the viewer to spotlight the severity of the Microplastic problem. 


   Saturating and Sinking Deeper 


The sequence of the series reveals a conceptual narrative concerning Microplastics found in the ocean, placed by the human hand- found in the bodies of all the sea fauna that fall beneath the food chain of the common octopus- conceptually exposing the ingestion and digestion of the passing of these Microbeads and Microplastics, to the very top of the food chain, foreshadowing the ultimate demise of the human via the consumption of Microplastic particles.


A dash of who do we trust now 


As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, following Prime minister Boris Johnson's announcement of the U.K. lockdown in March of 2021, physical degree shows due to take place this summer were cancelled and online versions scheduled. 

This period of feverish activity, caused O'Neill to radically adapt for a virtual audience. Despite her work being installation-focused with emphasis on the bodily experience of her art- for her audiences. JABO was able to combine VR software and her vision to paint a better picture of how she anticipated her work to be experienced. Ideally, a person would enter the 'exhibition' individually and walk through, with all their senses being stimulated, or arguably, over-stimulated and frightened. 


Through O'Neill's vast explorative, experimentation with various materials and mediums, she had many exciting ideas that she wasn't able to create virtually using the VR software as they were slightly too complex for the animation. 

It is imperative that CALAMITIES-PLASTIC & FAUNA reaches the correct audiences worldwide and is received with a sense of urgency and a sharp eye. The Microplastics and Microbeads that have plagued the World's waters and our bodies, promises perpetuating doom unless we change our environmental behaviours. JABO feels incredibly passionate about educating people through creating striking visuals, that then cause changed environmental behaviours. O'Neill has big plans to continue to work on this project throughout the duration of her career and accumulate more knowledge and expand her creative skill set through her travels around the world and doing an MA in Sculpture. With a searing passion for the world's oceans- the opportunities, striking visuals and exhibitions that are to come are incredibly promising.