Exhibiting at Artpartner.com for #CreateCOP26 from the 25th of October- 12th November 2021.


"Liquid resonates to me on a romantic level; appearing blithe, free-flowing and constant" O'Neill explains. In this series, she deconstructed the makings of a photograph and visually explored the fundamental process of what it takes to actually ‘produce a photograph’. Using Epson printer jet inks- JABO extracted the subtractive colours of the CMYK model with syringes (excluding K, for it was too harsh in its tonality) and  released them into clear water tanks; varying the measurements, speeds and pressures applied. The rich collisions and harmonious interactions are but a product of the symphony of colour created within the aqueous utopia. 


 Photographs from this series were displayed at the Oxy Exhibition, in January 2020. 


Learning to be complicit with the photographic process is something that O'Neill has always had an interest in. The physicality of materials,  the tampering and pushing of the explorative boundaries. JABO echoes what Lange-Brendt  delineates, that 'material' describes not prime matter but substances that are always subject to change, be it through handling, interaction with their surroundings, or the dynamic of their chemical reactions. The beautiful compositions that can be seen in Aqueous Light are ultimately a celebration of photography that evoke passion, love, and excitement.  



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 Each photograph in this series is, in and of itself, a great work of art. It calls for  a sharp eye and an imagination to be fully experienced.